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Affordable Psychotherapy, Psychopharmacology, Psychoanalysis

Central Park West, New York City

Angela Retano, RN, MS
Nurse Practitioner Psychiatry
Board Certified

I speak from both personal and professional experience. Good psychotherapy can be extremely effective and life changing.

As an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, I specialize in helping people with psychological challenges related to depression, anxiety, feelings of low self esteem, confusion around gender identity, relationship difficulties, and career uncertainty.

A life changing experience at an affordable cost, I am conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan. I assist individuals in understanding and eliminating conflicts that get in the way of living happy and productive lives.

Access to quality psychotherapy in New York City can be difficult. Traditional, effective and life changing psychodynamic approaches, grounded in analytic theory and practice, are often pushed aside for less effective approaches, advertised as quick fixes. However, my years in working in the field of mental health have taught me that these treatments are only short-term solutions.

Understanding how your mind works affords you the opportunity to feel better
and reach your full potential.

More About My Practice

Initial Consultation

Finding someone you feel comfortable with and can trust is an important part of psychotherapy.  An initial consultation provides an opportunity to share your concerns without the need to commit to treatment.  It offers you time to discuss psychotherapy and how it might be helpful to you.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Trained and skilled in psychodynamic psychotherapy, my treatment approach invites patients to think, talk, and self-reflect freely within a unique and dynamic relationship.  Patients are encouraged to explore and discuss their full range of emotions. This often includes feelings that are not readily available. Together we will begin to understand the complex and repeated patterns of the past that continue to the present.


I do provide pharmacotherapy.  When prescribing medication, I am comprehensive and not quick to prescribe.  However, there are some conditions in which medication may be helpful in combination with psychotherapy.

Appointment Availability

I am committed to my practice full-time. Therefore, I have a flexible and convenient appointment availability.


An initial consultation is $150.  Subsequent fees may be negotiable based on life circumstances and frequency of treatment.


Payment is expected at the time of the initial consultation. During the consultation, ongoing payment options will be discussed.