Affordable Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis is based on the premises that you are not aware of most of the factors that determine your emotions and behaviors. Because these factors are not in your awareness, “quick fixes” usually fall short of providing lasting relief. Psychoanalysis focuses on thoroughly exploring how your unconscious mind gets in the way of healthy relationships and affects your thinking, feelings and behaviors.


Through treatment, you come to recognize and trace patterns from early childhood experiences, and understand how they have developed. The process of therapy then assists you in understanding and coping with the realities of your current life in a better and more successful way. As therapy progresses, you begin to understand yourself better, both intellectually and emotionally. The goal is to permit enduring changes and foster personal growth.

Many treatments today, such as brief counseling or the use of medication, focus only on symptom relief in order to provide a “quick fix.” Just turn on the television and there are pharmaceutical commercials that feature cartoons that imply that feeling better is as simple as adding an additional medication. Intensive forms of treatment such as Psychodynamic Psychotherapy or Psychoanalysis can help you to understand what is getting in the way of life fulfillment. You may be highly educated, accomplished, and have found success in some areas of your life; yet, internally, you struggle to find meaning. The goal of treatment is to find answers, not just alleviate your symptoms, or provide you with a prescription, but to offer you lasting life changes in your life.